We believe that life is best lived in communities designed for people not houses.

That the alarm clock sounds a little better at six in the morning than four.

With reduced commutes, spend more time doing what you enjoy with people you love -- even if that’s just sleeping in.

Learn about reduced commute times

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That choosing ingredients for a meal should begin with a simple backyard stroll.

From backyard herb gardens to acres of baby tomatoes, agriculture is at the heart of what makes the Ho‘opili community special.

Discover agricultural opportunities

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That solar panels and electric cars can be the norm, not the exception.

The use of alternative forms of energy is a top priority for us at Ho‘opili. We are committed to leading the way with our on-site solar array that will benefit all of Oahu.

Our plans for sustainability

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We believe bike paths are prettier than brake lights, and that seeing green is a good thing.

With a park or open space just a five minute walk from every doorstep, we are passionate about connecting residents to the great outdoors and a healthier lifestyle.

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That work can be meaningful and nearby.

Kapolei is thriving, with employment opportunities in many industries including hospitality, government and agriculture.

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And that it all starts with being in the right place.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking for a new community that better fits your values and vision of O‘ahu, Ho‘opili invites you to help shape our future.

Discover your future

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